City of North Olmsted

Mayor's Court


North Olmsted Mayor's Court is held in the City Council Chambers
located on the 2nd Floor of North Olmsted City Hall:

5200 Dover Center
North Olmsted, OH 44070

Contact Information for Clerk of Court office:
          Telephone: (440) 716-4156
          Fax: (440) 777-8007 Fax


        Violations Bureau Hours of Operation

        9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday
        Closed Holidays
        2016 Holiday Schedule

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Court Appearance

Waiver Schedule

Cost and Special Fee Schedule

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Court Personnel:

Magistrate:                           David Lambros
Magistrate:                           S. Robert E. Lazzaro
Prosecutor:                          Michael Gordillo
Clerk of Court:                     Kathleen Cole
Asst Clerk of Court:            Julie Boehm

Court Sessions:

The North Olmsted Mayor's Court for the City of North Olmsted is in session every Thursday at 5:00 pm. Court dates are subject to change due to holidays. Please call to confirm or check schedule.

If you were issued a citation, your scheduled appearance date and time appears in the lower right corner of the citation and your appearance in court is mandatory if the officer has indicated personal appearance is required.  If the citation is marked as waiverable, you may avoid appearance in court by signing the waiver form and paying the fine and costs based on the waiver schedule prior to your scheduled court date.

Payment of fine and costs:

Please note that all fines and court costs are due on the date you appear in court (if not waiverable and paid in advance).  Cash payments are acceptable; checks or money orders are to be made payable to North Olmsted Mayor's Court.  The Court accepts online payment of waiverable tickets - see link.  Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted at the Clerk's office, but are subject to a $5.00 processing fee.  Please see waiver schedule for any additional information.


2016 Court Schedule