Plans and Studies 

Master Plan

The 2005 Master Plan establishes long-range policies and serves as a guide for development and redevelopment decisions in the community. A Steering Committee of City officials, residents, and school and business representatives were charged with reviewing information and drafting recommendations related to land use and development in the City. The resulting document is available online. Please contact the North Olmsted Planning and Development Department if you wish to purchase a CD or a printed copy of the Plan.

2005 Master Plan

Great Northern Multi Modal Transportation Plan
In 2010, the City concluded a 2-year planning process to analyze transportation system issues and propose options and improvements in the City's mixed use center. The Plan includes recommendations and alternatives for encouraging transit usage, creating bicycle linkages, promoting pedestrian orientation and enhancing the streetscape through physical improvements.

The project will have a positive impact on the quality of life for residents in the City by connecting residents to resources such as employment, public transit, shopping, and parks and recreation. Not only is the project study area the most densely developed area of the City, but it also serves as one of the largest commercial centers in Cuyahoga County and in the region. Therefore, the project's recommendations will also improve the economic viability of business in the community by improving access to business, encouraging new development, and creating a strong visual impact and gateway to the community.

A majority of this project was grant funded through the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency's (NOACA) Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative.  To read the Great Northern Multi Modal Transportation Plan, click on the links below. Due to the large file size the plan has been divided into three parts for convenient access.

Final Plan - Part 1
Final Plan - Part 2
Final Plan - Part 3

Crocker Stearns Corridor Plan
The Crocker-Stearns connector between Lorain Road in North Olmsted and Center Ridge Road in Westlake was opened in December 2008. Stearns Road south of Lorain Road to I-480 was widened to four lanes. In 2007 the North Olmsted City Council approved the Crocker Stearns Corridor Plan. This design plan and redevelopment strategy for the corridor was created with planning and design services provided by the Urban Design Center of Northeast Ohio. The planning process explored potential redevelopment options for the corridor and solicited input from the community.

Click here to read the final corridor plan (14MB)
Click here to view the redevelopment poster (21MB)


Streetscape Plan
The purpose of the Streetscape Plan is to provide guidance for the site and structural development North Olmsted's commercial districts, specifically the public right of way and other public spaces. This document also identifies programs and initiatives to help the City organize and integrate the various individual land uses to create a more desirable destination for residents and visitors. The streetscape plan is intended to incorporate design solutions and approaches that will provide a unified and appropriate response to the district while not compromising uniqueness of each individual land owner.

Draft Streetscape Plan

Cemetery Improvement Plan
This project involves exploring ways to preserve and beautify the two City cemeteries, Butternut Ridge Cemetery and Coe Cemetery. To volunteer your time or talents towards this project, please contact the North Olmsted Planning Department at 440-716-4135.  Donations for cemetery improvements are being accepted by the Olmsted Historical Society.

Did you know?
Butternut Ridge Cemetery - Isaac Scales (1786-1821) settled on the site of the cemetery. At his death, he was buried in his back yard, where a large rock marked his grave. The land was reclaimed by Charles Olmsted who deeded it to the Township in 1835 for a public burial ground. Early settlers and veterans, who fought in six American wars, are buried in the cemetery. The crypt was built in 1879.


Go North Olmsted!

Go North Olmsted is the community initiative to create the City’s 2015 Master Plan. As North Olmsted prepares to celebrate its bicentennial, the city is coming together in an unprecedented way to determine where we GO. For more information about the process and volunteer opportunities and to sign up for Go North Olmsted emails, visit And follow us on Twitter at @gonortholmsted.

What’s Next Workshop
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
John Knox Presbyterian Church
25200 Lorain Road

Join others who care about the future of North Olmsted at the What’s Next Workshop to learn about the city and share what you treasure most about the community. All of your insights will help the city in preparing a plan for our future.