To report community concerns and complaints to the Building Division, please contact the office at (440) 777-8000. A member of the staff will take the pertinent information and process the complaint. The Building Division also acts as the receiving agent for local concerns and complaints investigated by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. 

Types of concerns/complaints investigated by the Building Division:

 1.  Structures erected without permits (e.g., fences, garages, sheds, swimming pools).

2.  Safety and hazardous conditions (something that may cause injury).

3.  Severe property maintenance issues (e.g., gutters falling off, broken windows, missing siding, 
     deteriorated porches, etc.)

4.  Recreational vehicles parked in a front yard for over three days.

5.  Vehicles parked/stored outside that are inoperable or without current license plates.

6.  Vehicles parked on grass.

7.  New construction leaving mud on public roadways.

8.  Apartment resident complaints (e.g., no heat).

9.  Weeds and high grass.

The Building Department is NOT responsible for:

1.  Drainage, encroachments, and easements (contact the Engineering Division).

2.  Sidewalks, aprons, streets, and rights-of-way (contact the Engineering Division first).

3.  Snow removal (contact the Service Department office).