The City of North Olmsted is requiring all owners of residential rental properties with one, two or three units to register with North Olmsted's Building Division. North Olmsted City Council amended Chapter 713 of the City's Ordinances for the purpose of requiring rental properties with three units and less to register in the same manner that the City has required multi-family properties with four or more units to register since 1969.

Rental property must be registered with the City by filling out a Leasing Permit Application Form and paying the required registration fee ($30.00 single family home, $45.00 two family, $60.00 three family home).  A license for each property is required before it is leased. The ordinance requires renewal of the license each calendar year. 

The Building Commissioner is authorized to make inspections of all structures or premises containing rental units to determine whether such structures or premises comply with City Ordinances, the Fire Prevention Code, or State laws. Failure to permit such an inspection may result in the suspension or non-renewal of the license.