PROPERTY MAINTENANCE The City of North Olmsted has undertaken a proactive program to insure a high standard of housing is available throughout the city. This program currently includes a five prong approach. First, an active list of vacant homes has been established where the Building Division inspects the exterior on a monthly basis in the warm months and at 90-day intervals in the colder weather. The Police Department has partnered with Building and notifies us of unusual activity and if a new structure appears to be vacant and should be added to the list. If violations are discovered, they are pursued until completed.  Second, all rental one, two and three family structures are now registered with an annual exterior inspection occurring.  Third, one half of the residential homes in the city are inspected on the exterior annually. Fourth, all apartment buildings have been registered for over 30 years and are inspected annually. Lastly, any property maintenance complaints that are called in from various sources are inspected as received.


Chapter 1363, Property Maintenance Code