While the Building Division will not design a project, it will advise on specific questions relating to the code requirements.  (See list below for specific areas of responsibility.)

Inspector Key

To be determined (TBD)  Neal Dorenkott (ND) 
Paul Grayshaw (PG)  Dennis Gareau (DG)
John Schneider (JS) Dave Peltz (DP)
Lou Cifranic (LC)  

Primary Secondary Duties Primary Secondary
Carnival ND PG New Home  ND DG
Tenant Occupancy PG ND Paving DP JS
Comm. Bldg DG JS Refrig. Coolers DG ND
Comm. Demo DG JS Res Additions/
Comm. Electric PG ND Res. Decks ND JS
Comm. HVAC DG PG Res. Demo DG JS
Comm. Plbg DG LC Res. Driveways DP ND
Comm. Satellite Dish ND Res. Electric PG ND
Comm. Signs - Zoning DP TBD Res. Garages JS DG
Comm. Roofing JS ND Res. HVAC DG ND
Complaints - Prop. Mntc ND Res. Plbg.  DG JS
Complaints - Zoning DP Res. Pools ND PG
County Rehab. Res. ND DG Res. Roofing JS ND
Fence DP Res. Satellite Dish ND
Fire, Wind, Flood Damage PG ND Res. Sheds DP ND
Fire Suppressions DG JS Res. Patio Rooms ND
Fireplace ND JS Res. Siding JS ND
Flood Plain Info DG TBD Site Inspections DP DG
H.E.L.P DP TBD Tax Abatements ND JS
Homeowner ND JS Temporary Tents DP
Hood Suppression DG JS Towers JS PG
Industrialized Units JS PG Waterproofing DG ND
Lawn Sprinklers DG LC
Minor Chg (Prop Mtce) ND