Cuyahoga County Tax Abatement Program:

The City of North Olmsted offers a 10-year tax abatement program in partnership with Cuyahoga County for all one- and two-family dwelling units. The program applies to any new construction and/or improvements that cost at least $2,500 and cause an increase in the assessed value of your property. This abatement defers your tax increase for a period of ten (10) years. A completed application for this program is required before the permit will be issued. Tax  Abatement Form.  If you have any questions concerning this form, call the Building Division at (440) 777-8000. 

Qualifying Improvements:  The following home improvements may increase the assessed value of your property and do qualify for the 10-year tax abatement:

• Addition of New Porch • Addition of Full-House Air Conditioning 
• Addition of New Deck • Building of New or Enlarged Garage
• Additional Living Area • Installation of Additional Bathroom or Toilet
• Installation of Indoor Fireplace • Finishing of Attic or Second Floor With Paneling, Plaster, or Plasterboard
• Installation of In-Ground Pool


Non-Qualifying Improvements:  Normal repairs and maintenance will not increase the real estate assessment of your home and, therefore, do not qualify for the 10-year tax abatement.  A few examples include:

• New Roof • Lawn Sprinkler System Installation 
• New Fence • Adding Electrical Circuits or Outlets
• Waterproofing • Storm Windows and Doors Installation
• Plumbing Replacement                     • Scraping and Painting of Residence
• Kitchen Remodeling • Painting, Wallpapering and Other Decorating
• Vinyl Siding Installation


The removal of dilapidated sheds and garages will result in those items being taken off the tax duplicate as long as a demolition permit was obtained. The repairs and improvements listed above can be made without increasing property taxes, if they are not part of a complete modernization project. If your project is not reflected above or if you have additional questions pertaining to the Cuyahoga County Tax Abatement Program, please call the Cuyahoga County Auditor's Office at (216) 443-7100 or visit their website.