The Landmarks Commission serves as the official steward of the City's historic resources focusing on their recognition and preservation for the benefit of future generations.  The Landmarks Commission is responsible for designating landmarks and landmarks districts.  The Commission also has the responsibility of reviewing proposals for demolition, construction or alteration of any landmark or property in a landmarks district.  The Commission holds public hearings and issues certificates of appropriateness for proposals which meet the criteria for acceptable work.  The Commission is involved in numerous special projects and cooperative efforts with other community organizations. The ongoing work of the Landmarks Commission is detailed in their annual reports.

Annual Reports                                                                                        

   2012 Butternut District Report

Landmarks members

Chair, David Neville Vice Chair, Jim Morse Tom Dubowski
James Dubelko Duane Limpert Jr. Don Rerko
Gretchen Schuler Paul Schumann  

Clerk of Commissions: Donna Rote



Day: 2nd Monday of the month
Location: City Hall Council Chambers
7:00 p.m.

Note: Although Board and Commission meeting dates are set they are subject to changes i.e. cancellations, continuances and special meetings called


Landmarks Commissions Certificate of Appropriateness
              Application click here
                                                                                                            Guide to records of Municipalities not Cleveland

Agenda & Minutes

January 11
February 8
March 14
April 11
May 9
June 13
July 18
August 8
September 19
October 10
November 14
December 12


Historic Preservation Plan   
The purpose of this Historic Preservation Plan is to encourage a sense of history and culture in the community while identifying programs and policies that will contribute to the preservation of historical resources.  Elements of this plan include an inventory of the community's historical assets, a description of ongoing preservation efforts, and a statement of goals and action steps which should be taken to protect the City's historic resources.

Historic Preservation Plan

Historic Recognition Program
The Historic Recognition Program was established by the Landmarks Commission to recognize buildings of historic value to the community.  To be considered, the building must meet criteria for age, historic integrity and/or historical significance.  Property owners may apply to the Commission to request that their qualifying buildings be awarded a Historic Recognition plaque.  Click the link below for program instruction and application.

Historic Recognition Program




Historical Recognitions


       Charles Seltzer Home                                                     Knight/Biddulph Home
      30095 Lorain Rd                                                                 4302 Porter Road


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