ENGINEERING DEPARTMENTPLEASE NOTE: Effective July 1, 2013, the City of North Olmsted permit fees have been raised. This is the first increase in ten years. Please consider permit fees in all project planning.

Pietro A. DiFranco, P.E., City Engineer

The City of North Olmsted Engineering Department, under the supervision of the Director of Planning and Development, is responsible for the following:

  • Give advice to City officials, boards and commissions, residents, and the development community on issues pertaining to engineering, zoning, and building. 
  • Prepare preliminary plans, layouts, estimates or reports concerning any public improvements contemplated by the City. 
  • Make recommendations regarding the engineering features of dedication plans, utility plans and all aspects of private development plans. 

The Engineering Department on occasions also performs the following services: 

  • Prepare plans, profiles, specifications, and estimates of cost of every kind for public improvements.
  • Serve as the authorized representative of the City and supervise the execution of public works undertaken by the City.
  • Furnish to City officials plans, specifications and estimates of the costs of public improvements for the guidance of the City's decision makers and for the information and guidance of other persons dealing with the City. 
  • Provide monthly reports of the progress of improvements under its charge.
  • Provide engineering services to any department of the City or official.
  • Prepare grant applications for County, State, and/or Federal programs.