Carrie B. Copfer, CPA, Director

Finance Department Responsibilities 

Financial accounting and reporting is one of the major responsibilities of the Director of Finance.  Annual audit reports since 1991 can be found and reviewed on-line through an audit search at  Beginning in 1999 she has issued the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), which is the industry's financial standard and is certified through the Government Financial Officer's Association.  Recent CAFRs are provided in the "Financial Reports" section.

Other important responsibilities of this department include investment management, payroll, purchasing, accounts receivable and accounts payable.  The Finance Department also deals with many outside agencies that provide the following services for the City:

  • The City collects local income tax through the Regional Income Tax Agency (, (440) 526-0900).  Please direct any inquiries regarding completion of your tax filing to them.  Further filing and payment requirements can be obtained by clicking below.