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From pre-school classes to competitive teams, our personable, knowledgeable, and safety certified staff ensures that all participants are encouraged and challenged in a fun, positive and safe environment.  We strive to develop activities that build confidence, as well as promote physical fitness. 
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Tiny Tumblers

(Ages walking to 2)  This class will introduce your toddler to fun, age-appropriate activities in the gym. Pre-school gymnastics equipment, tunnels, scooters, beanbags and music will be used daily. Class will aid large muscle development as well as increase socialization.  Child must be accompanied by an adult. 

Tot Tumblers

(Ages 2-3)  This class is specifically designed for the older toddler with similar activities from Tiny Tumblers, but more emphasis on tumbling and gymnastic instruction as child shows readiness. Child must be accompanied by an adult.

Mini Tumblers

(Ages 3-5)  Get your preschooler into the swing of things early.  Basic gymnastic instruction on equipment including bars, balance beams, springboard, trampoline and more.  A confidence building and readiness program for any sport.

All About Me

(Ages 2 ½ - 3 ½)  This exciting program will combine gymnastic activities, creative movement, music, story time and other age appropriate pre-school activities. Children will develop a better understanding of themselves, release energy and build confidence.

Recreational Classes – Beginner, Advanced & Intermediate

(Ages 6 and up)  Basic training on all gymnastic apparatus including vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. Students are evaluated and progress through levels as specific requirements are met.  

Tumbling & Advanced Tumbling

(Ages 7 & up)  Perfect for cheerleaders!  Students will work on basic tumbling skills including cartwheels, round offs and back handsprings.  Once the back handspring is mastered alone, students may advance to the Advanced class.  Both classes will also focus on conditioning and flexibility to aid in the safe progression of all skills.

Birthday Parties

The gym offers fun and exciting birthday parties for children 4 years and up.  We provide enthusiastic teachers for these 1 1/2 hour parties. A variety of games, relays, and obstacle courses will be used to ensure fun for all!

Team Information

We have an excellent competitive program with teams training and competing Levels 3-9.  Our teams participate in both the USA Gymnastics program and the Amateur Athletic Union.