The Individual and Team Sports Division of the North Olmsted Recreation Center has a number of different programs for both adult and youth.  All of the team programs follow the philosophy of sportsmanship.  Our youth programs stress maximum participation by all individuals involved.  The following is the list of Team programs offered: 

Individual and Team Sport Schedules and Information

Youth Softball/TBall                 

Youth Basketball

Youth Flag Football

Youth Tackle Football

Youth Volleyball

Adult Basketball

Adult Soccer

Adult Volleyball 


Our Individual participation programs also accommodate both adult and youth.  From exercise classes to sport clinics, our goal is customer satisfaction.  All of these programs offer high quality instruction.  The following are the current individual participation programs:

Basketball Clinics


Softball/Baseball Clinics

Volleyball Clinics

Multi-Sport Clinics



Field and Pavilion Permits

All field and pavilion permits are offered in 3-hour time blocks.  Baseball fields, Soccer fields and football fields can be rented through the Individual and Team Sports office.  Lining and dragging a baseball field will increase the fee assessed.  To rent the soccer fields at Barton/Bradley Park, a permit fee must be paid to N.O.R.C., and a field maintenance fee must be paid to N.O.S.O.  The following are the fees for field permits:

Permit Fee:       Resident Cardholders Pay $15 per 3-hours

 All Others Pay $25

 Lining and Dragging:     Resident Cardholders Pay $20

                            All Others Pay $45

Pavilion and Gazebo rental is also offered in 3-hour time blocks.  Only the Gazebo and Community Council Pavilion at North Olmsted Park are available for rental.  All other pavilions are first come first serve.  The fees for Gazebo and Pavilion rental are as follows:

Resident Cardholders Pay:        $15 per 3-hours, and $15 per every extra picnic table

All Others Pay:                               $25 per 3-hours, and $15 per every extra picnic table