Free Safety and Disaster Preparedness training begins March 17

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Are you concerned about what to do in an emergency such as a tornado or power outage? Are you willing to help a neighbor or friend in a time of crisis? If you answer yes, consider the Westshore Regional Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). North Olmsted, in partnership with Bay Village, Fairview Park, Lakewood, Rocky River, and Westlake, is part of a national program that trains citizens to be better prepared to respond to disaster situations both locally and regionally. CERT members are trained to help their families and neighbors in a crisis, provide immediate assistance to victims, give critical support to first responders, and organize volunteers when a disaster or emergency occurs. CERT members also assist with non-emergency projects that improve the safety and preparedness of their communities. 

Any U.S. citizen age 18 or older can take CERT training. This includes members of neighborhood watch groups, community organizations, faith communities, school staff, workplace groups, or anyone interested in taking an active role in public safety and community preparedness. Volunteers are trained to prepare for and respond to all hazards such as severe weather, mass power outages, and health emergencies such as flu pandemics.  

Free FEMA CERT Basic Training requires about 20 hours of training and includes a disaster simulation at the end of the course. Instructors include local medical, fire, and EMS personnel. Team members are issued a supply kit for use in the event of an emergency. For more information and to determine eligibility, please contact Westshore Regional CERT Coordinator Tricia Granfors at (440) 716-4135 or

Please also see the Westshore Regional CERT website.

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Safetynet Program

The purpose of the Westshore Regional Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Safetynet Program is to compile a confidential database of special needs residents in the Westshore Communities. If a disaster were to occur, large or small, volunteer members may be activated to make contact with Safetynet registered residents in the affected areas to check on their welfare and help meet their emergency needs; a caring connection of neighbors helping neighbors.

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