Downloadable Forms and Permits 

Arcade & Game Room License

Any persons operating an amusement room or game room with mechanical or electrical amusement devices for public patrons must obtain a license from the Department of Public Safety.  

Application for a Conditional Permit to Allow Alcoholic Beverages The application is for a Conditional Permit to Allow Alcoholic Beverages on Public Grounds Properties.

Block Parties Permit
Any homeowner' group, association or representative of a neighborhood shall be permitted to have a residential street closed off to vehicular traffic for the purpose of having a neighborhood party, often referred to as a block party.

Applications are available on-line or may be obtained by calling (440) 716-4137.  

Safety cones are available to permit holders at the City's Service Garage.  Safety cones may picked-up two days prior to the event, and must be returned within three days after the event.

Frozen Dessert Peddlers

Frozen dessert peddlers must obtain an annual license as required in Chapter 737 of the Codified Ordinances.  This license must be prominently display inside the inspected and authorized vehicle when circulating within the City.

Parade Permit

All groups or organizations participating in a parade, assemblage or procession must obtain a permit.  Application can be obtained on-line or by calling (440) 716-4137.

Second Hand Business License

Secondhand vendors, including but not limited to, jewelry dealers, pawnbrokers, and tool artisans, must obtain a license prior to engaging in business activities in the City of North Olmsted.

Vendor should call (440) 716-4137 to obtain a license application.

Solicitors and Canvassers License

An application must be completed by all Solicitors and Peddlers.  Upon approval, the applicant is issued a photo I.D. badge signed by the Director of Public Safety indicating the day(s) the individual is authorized to circulate.  Solicitor's must clearly display their badge when circulating.   Licensed individuals may solicit  Monday through Saturday, between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Non-profit organizations and charitable groups are usually exempted by law, and therefore, they are not required to obtain a permit.  We can not regulate this type of solicitor.

Residents can obtain a sticker for their entryway informing Solicitors and Peddlers that they are not welcome by calling (440) 716-4137. 

Teen Dance Clubs and Public Dance Halls

Dance halls and teen dance clubs must obtain a license to operate.  The Teen Dance Club and Public Dance Hall regulations set forth in Chapter 763 of the Codified Ordinances are necessary to preserve peace and good order, and to promote the health, safety and welfare of all.

Temporary Business Permit

Any person wishing to sell goods of any nature from a temporary place of business within the City must procure a license per Section 721.04 of the Business Regulations Code.