We are working hard to lessen any flooding issues. If you were unable to attend the flooding meetings, we encourage you to fill out the questionnaire below to help us gain a better understanding of what is causing the flooding.

Flooding Questionnaire


When Flooding occurs in your house what do you do?  Who do you Call?  A popular misconception is that all flooding problems belong to the Waste Water Treatment Plant when most of the problems are Storm Related.  Did you know that Storm Related flooding issues are a matter for the Service Department?

The City of North Olmsted wants residents to get help as soon as possible so we have created a Flooding Reporting Line.  Please leave a message and a person from the proper department will return your call. 

Get YOUR message to the right place the first time will ensure you are taken care of quicker


8:00 AM- 4:30 PM  440-716-4151

After Hours Call 440-777-1881

The City of Westlake came up with a great document explaining the difference between Storm and Sewer Systems. Also included are proactive steps to help with flooding in the future. Please click here for the complete Sewer Storm compliments of the City of Westlake.

Renew & Rebuild Assistance Program 

The State of Ohio's Renew & Rebuild assistance program is available to those who have experienced hardship due to flooding and extreme weather this year.