Storm & Sanitary Water Related Issues please call:


To report STORM water call the Service Department 440-716-4151
To report SANITARY water call the Waste Water Treatment Plant 440-777-1881
To report STORM and/or SANITARY water after hours 440-777-1881

When leaving a message please leave the following details: NAME; STREET ADDRESS; CONTACT NUMBER; and details to how the WATER is entering your home.

Public Notice Informational Update July 2015

Sanitary Sewer Backup; Cause & Prevention- Please click on the link for basic information on the cause of sanitary sewer backups and general information on solutions that can be implemented to protect their property from sanitary sewer backups. Sanitary Sewer Backup Education 

Public Notice Update: October 24, 2014

There will be a Storm Follow-up Meeting on Tuesday, November 25th from 8pm-9pm in Council Chambers at City Hall. This meeting is to inform residents what steps the City has taken and will take to limit flooding in North Olmsted. This will not be an open forum and there will be limited public comment. For more information please call the Mayor's Office at (440) 716-4142.

November 25th, 2014 Sanitary and Storm Public Meeting Presentation click here

Public Notice Update: June 19, 2014 The follow up meeting to the May 12th, 2014 storm event was held on June 18th at the Springvale Golf Course from 7PM to 9PM. Mayor Kennedy, Safety Service Director Don Glauner, Superintendent of Waster Water Treatment Plant Brian Blum, and representatives from Hazen and Sawyer, the City's Engineering firm was in attendance to lead discussion on the City's storm and sanitary systems.

Sanitary Sewer System Improvements Overview- click here

June 18, 2014 Public Meeting Video Link- click here  

Public Notice Update: July 22, 2014 Listed below are the critical ditch areas where crews from the North Olmsted Waste Water Treatment Plant have made improvements to the water flow.  The crews preformed excavation activity with the use of a mini- Dingo, a manned mini loader, and excavator to remove sediment in confined areas. The purpose is to gather up bottom sediment, weeds, rubbish, and/or any material causing interruption to the water flow. Once sediment was moved to an open space the sediment would then be removed by an excavator to be hauled to separate off-site locations.
  • Bradley Road by pump station on both sides
  • Barton Road by 5907 head wall
  • Back drive St. Brendan Church
  • Soccer fields by Brook Circle lateral, east side soccer field
  • Fitch Road south of 480, west side at head wall and east side at head wall and box culvert
  • Fitch Road north of 480, west side at head wall
  • Tennyson Drive ditch
  • Root Road ditch both sides of road by old city dump
  • Pine Intermediate School
  • Bridgeport Drive retention
  • North Olmsted Recreation Center ditch
  • Revere ditch threw the North Olmsted High School

Future improvements in critical areas will continue to be made throughout the city.  Public Notice Update: August 27, 2014 Restrictors under 480 in between Paisley Drive and Revere Drive were removed in July 2014

Projected Five Year Plan   A projected Five Year Plan for storm and sanitary water: Keep the Water Moving- click here         

For definitions; the meaning of terms often used for Sanitary and Storm Waters Definitions - click here

STORM AND SANITARY CODIFIED CITY ORDINANCES The purpose of these chapters pertaining to sanitary sewers, roadside ditches, tree lawn and apron maintenance, storm water management, grading and surface water drainage, and flood damage reduction is to establish rules and regulations governing the treatment and disposal of sanitary, and maintenance of water flow within the city in order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

  • SEWERS GENERALLY - click here                                                                       
  • ROADSIDE DITCHES - click here                           
  • TREE LAWN & APRON MAINTENANCE - click here                                            
  • GRADING & WATER DRAINAGE - click here                                                         


Additional Resources:      

- Sanitary Sewer Backup; Cause & Prevention- Please click on the link for basic information on the causes of sanitary sewer backups and general information on solutions that can be implemented to protect their property from sanitary sewer backups. Sanitary Sewer Backup Education 

-LOW-INTEREST DISASTER LOANS-Please click on the link below from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, to view information on low-interest disaster loans that are available for individuals and business owners in Cuyahoga County. The Small Business Administration (SBA) will open a Disaster Loan Outreach Center in the City of Elyria, 320 North Gateway Boulevard 3rd Floor, Elyria, OH 44035. Individuals and business owners can meet with SBA loan specialists to fill out an application and discuss loan possibilities. Applications may also be filled out online or mailed in. For more information or to get an application, contact Laura Adcock at the Ohio Emergency Management Agency at (614) 799-3667 or go to http://www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/loans-grants/small-business-loans/disaster-loans

-POTENTIAL TAX RELIEF FOR RESIDENTS AFFECTED BY FLOODS- The county has posted a link on its website to a form allowing residents to request a reduction in their property values based on damages to their homes. Any deduction in value would be reflected in the tax bill. Residents also must report any insurance money received for the damage. Please visit http://www.executive.cuyahogacounty.us/en-US/PotenitalTaxReliefForFloodVictims.aspx        

-Important Flood Clean-Up Information from the Board of Health- When flooding of an area has occurred, either due to heavy rains or sewer back-ups, important steps must be taken to assure the health and safety of individuals involved. It must be assumed during cleanup operations that all surfaces have been contaminated with potentially disease-causing organisms. This important assumption must be considered in decisions involving safety of personnel as well as what items may be salvaged and what must be discarded. Please visit http://www.ccbh.net/disaster-downloads/ for more information. 

 -About The National Flood Insurance Programs- National Flood Insurance Programs- www.floodsmart.gov  

 -What would you do if your property were flooded? Are you prepared? Federal Emergency Management- www.ready.gov/floods   

-To obtain specific information on how flooding can affect you, Cuyahoga County Board of Health- http://www.ccbh.net/     

-Renew & Rebuild Ohio: The State of Ohio's Renew & Rebuild assistance program is available to those who have experienced hardship due to flooding and extreme weather this year- http://www.tos.ohio.gov/renewrebuild  

-The City of Westlake came up with a great document explaining the difference between Storm and Sewer Systems. Also included are proactive steps to help with flooding in the future. Please click here  Sewer Storm compliments of the City of Westlake.