Winter Snow Plowing and Salting Operations


The Service Department commences snow plowing and road salting operations during the winter months as needed.  This service affects the safety of all residents and motorists.  Following City Ordinances for winter parking allows us to serve you better. Remember: No parking on hydrant side of street between 2:00am and 6:00am or when the snow depth exceeds two inches. (ordinance 351.13)

The City road salting policy is as follows: 

All main routes/streets will be plowed and salted.

All school zones will be plowed and salted.

All interior streets will be plowed and salted ONLY at intersections, grades, curves, deep roadside ditches and mains leading out of developments.  This policy may change at the discretion of the Foreman.

DO NOT approach operational plow trucks on the street.  This is extremely dangerous.  Complaints or concerns should be made by telephone by calling the Service Department at (440) 716-4151 or in case of after hour emergencies (440) 777-3535 Police Station.