Models for Mutts: NOHS Key Club Presents Cinderfella 2020

By Abby Boerwinkle

As a student of North Olmsted High School, I am eager to take part in the numerous activities offered to me alongside my academics. One of the clubs I found myself to be a part of was Key Club. Though at first glance some assume the purpose of the club is to make keys, its true goal is to provide students with various volunteering opportunities offered around North Olmsted. However, the support of its students sometimes reaches beyond the city and out into the greater region and even the rest of the world. Their method of doing this is an event called Cinderfella, a project that I have had the pleasure of organizing for the past two years.

Save the date on your calendar for Saturday, March 7th at 7 PM, because this is the only event you’ll want to attend that night. Cinderfella, other than a play on words of the classic tale of Cinderella, is a pageant featuring North Olmsted High School’s senior boys. Eight boys will compete in feats of style, talent and intellect to be crowned this year’s Cinderfella. Each contestant will be judged by a jury of teachers, whose scoring will determine their placement in the contest. The event is open to the public for viewing and is a great way to see what high school kids are getting up to these days.

The performance itself is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Junior Amanda Ahn, one of the emcees and organizers of the event, states, “I’m looking forward to seeing the show and introducing the boys because a lot of them are my own friends and their acts are something else, it’s tough competition this year and a must-see.” The show has four main events including showcases of personal style, talent, tuxedo modeling and questioning.

The first challenge presented will be the boys’ personal style. The models will strut their stuff on stage wearing whatever they feel represents them the most. From plain jeans and a t-shirt to a onesie and a pool float, there is much imagination and personality that is to be shared from the hearts of the contestants to the audience. Senior Gabe Reynolds, for example, plans on dawning a paisley and gold theme for his personal apparel. Each model had something unique to present and a piece of them they’d love to show.

The second event of the show requires each contestant to perform a talent of their choosing, but the catch is that none of them actually have to be good at it. In years past, most boys have chosen to do something musically or comically related. However, it can be counted on that this is the time that the strange talents of North Olmsted High School emerge from their hiding places and show themselves to awaiting, and sometimes confused, audience members of the show. Whether it be chugging an entire water bottle in under two seconds, or jumping rope in a spelling bee, there’s always something new to see from these skilled boys.

The third trial of the show is when the contestants get a chance to clean themselves up and look their best in a fancy tuxedo. Each tuxedo is graciously provided to the show by American Commodore Tuxedos, a business located in our very own city. Most would expect the boys to dawn the traditional black and white tuxedo, marching out onto the stage like a flock of penguins, but in Cinderfella, anything goes. The boys will be modeling a wide array of the tux shop’s inventory, meaning the boys could be wearing anything from plain Jane casual to the full baby blue some of us may recall.

Finally, the last feat challenges the contestants with a question drawn at random that they must answer with their very own opinion. The questions themselves are very odd but the answers they create are priceless. Ever wonder which Disney princess they’d marry? Chances are, they’ll say “ending world hunger.” No matter the question, these boys will find a way to surprise you.

What’s even better than an amusing show with humorous contestants is the impact the event itself causes. Every single dollar raised from the $5 ticket admittance goes to a new organization every year to help those in need. This year, all funds will be donated to the Cleveland Senior Dog Sanctuary to help elderly dogs get another chance at a loving home in their final years of life. Last year, the performance raised over $1,000 for Heiffer International, an organization dedicated to providing struggling countries with renewable resources such as cows and bee hives. We hope to see this sort of charitable success again this year.

Bringing the community together for a noble cause is what Cinderfella is all about. The show itself is something unique in it itself and is an enjoyable time for those both performing and watching. If you’re looking for a fun way to do something good for the world, consider coming to see what these talented boys have to offer Saturday, March 7th at 7 PM in the North Olmsted High School Performing Arts Center. We hope to see you there!

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