Division of Building

The Division of Building within the Department of Planning and Development is responsible for the enforcement of the various building codes and ordinances relating to the construction, alteration, repair, or addition to, and demolition of structures; registration and licensing of contractors; registration and licensing of apartment buildings and one, two, and three family rental properties; as well as inspection of exterior structures and related grounds for the purposes of enforcing property maintenance codes.

Mission Statement

The Building Division seeks to use experience and knowledge gained to render consistent, fair, effective enforcement of the building and zoning codes while maintaining a positive, courteous, helpful and professional demeanor in order to provide the residents and visitors of the City of North Olmsted with relatively safe, hazard free, structurally sound buildings and properties for their use and enjoyment.

Code Enforcement Requirements

  • Building Code: 2011 Ohio Building Code with amendments (IBC 09)
  • Residential Code: 2013 Residential Code of Ohio
  • Property Maintenance Code: North Olmsted Codified Ordinances, Chapter 1363
  • Mechanical Code: 2011 Ohio Mechanical Code (IMC 09)
  • Electrical Code: 2014 National Electric Code for residential work, 2014 National Electric Code for commercial work
  • Energy Conservation Code: 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC-12)
  • Plumbing Code: 2011 Ohio Plumbing Code (IPC 09)
  • Accessibility: 2010 ADA Standards for Acessible Design (ICC/ANSI A117.1-09 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities)
  • Fire Code: 2011 Ohio Fire Code (IFC 09)
  • Gas Code: 2009 International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC-09)
  • 2009 International Code Extendex Files (Extended indexes to the International Building Code and the International Fire Code)

Ohio Building Code, Residential Code of Ohio, and related codes are available on the Ohio Department of Commerce Board of Building Standards website:


Residential Code Commentary