Zoning & Development Review

Before building permits are issued, development plan approval is required for all new development, site improvements, building additions or alterations, or any other improvements to property, except that which is zoned for single or two family use. It is recommended to contact the Planning & Development Department before starting your project to determine the appropriate approval process.

Standard Review Process

All new construction and most development projects involving exterior changes to property will require staff review, Planning & Design Commission approval, and City Council approval. If variances from the Zoning Code are proposed, additional approval is required by the Building & Zoning Board of Appeals. The review process officially begins with submission of the Planning & Design Commission General Application. See Chapter 1126 of the Zoning Code to learn more about the City’s review process and submittal requirements.

Planning & Design Commission General Application

Building & Zoning Board of Appeals Application

Minor Change Process

In some cases, proposed exterior changes are deemed to be minor in nature and can be administratively approved. Examples of minor changes include replacing awnings, adding doors or windows, changing paint colors, or altering landscaping. Guidelines and procedure for minor change applications can be found in Section 1126.09. Only proposals that are entirely zoning compliant may be considered for minor change approval.

Minor Change Application


The City of North Olmsted Zoning Code and Zoning Map are available below. For official zoning determinations of a specific property, contact the Division of Building.

Zoning Code

Zoning Map

Rezoning, Lot Splits and Lot Consolidations

Where property owners propose rezoning of property, new subdivisions, lot splits or consolidations, review and approval by the Planning & Design Commission is required. For information about procedures for major subdivisions, lot splits and consolidations, contact the Division of Engineering. For information about the rezoning process, contact the Department of Planning & Development.

Subdivision, Rezoning, Lot Split and Consolidation Application

Construction, Alteration or Demolition in Historic Districts

Where property owners propose to construct new buildings, make alterations or additions to structures, or demolish structures that are located in the Butternut Ridge Historic District, the Landmarks Commission must first grant a Certificate of Appropriateness for the work. Certificates of Appropriateness are also required for work to properties that are official North Olmsted Landmarks located outside the Historic District.

Certificate of Appropriateness Application