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North Olmsted High School Academic Team

At North Olmsted High School, there is a rich culture of athletics, clubs and other extracurricular groups. Clubs and sports offer students an opportunity to try something new, to showcase their talents or to be a part of a community. Like many American high schools, North Olmsted’s extracurricular atmosphere is dominated by athletics. Sports are an excellent way to get involved and to show school spirit, and so often they steal the limelight when it comes to community recognition. An unfortunate side effect to this ubiquitous fact of high school is that many clubs and lesser known groups are left in obscurity, with citizens not knowing of their existence. One such group is the North Olmsted Academic Team.

SITES Spotlight

Meet Danielle Lajko, a North Olmsted High School SITES student volunteering at City Hall as part of the school’s Social Involvement Through Education and Service program.

Tak Sato

Meet Tak Sato, a North Olmsted resident working tirelessly to enrich the lives of Northeast Ohio’s senior citizens through technology education and instruction.

Charlie Sexstella

There are a number of spectacular teachers and faculty working within the North Olmsted School System. One such individual is Charlie Sexstella, a diligent and driven educator who is always working towards making North Olmsted High School a great learning environment for his students.

Stephy Abbruzzese

Stephy with her son Dominic and husband Jack | Photo Credit: Quinn Morgan of Deaf Sound Production

Meet Stephy Abbruzzese, one of North Olmsted’s most compassionate and outgoing residents!

Dale Thomas

Dale Thomas

Dale sitting on the right, joined by members the McBean and Frost families. Both families were influential North Olmsted community members in the early 1800s.

North Olmsted has long been a community tied to deep historical roots, and few people are more familiar with this history than Dale Thomas.