Celebrate North Olmsted

North Olmsted has a diverse mix of residents, businesses and organizations that make up our community fabric. Meet some of these interesting people, learn about our cool businesses and read about great projects that are making North Olmsted a better place to live, work and play.

North Olmsted High School Academic Team

At North Olmsted High School, there is a rich culture of athletics, clubs and other extracurricular groups. Clubs and sports offer students an opportunity to try something new, to showcase their talents or to be a part of a community. Like many American high schools, North Olmsted’s extracurricular atmosphere is dominated by athletics. Sports are an excellent way to get involved and to show school spirit, and so often they steal the limelight when it comes to community recognition. An unfortunate side effect to this ubiquitous fact of high school is that many clubs and lesser known groups are left in obscurity, with citizens not knowing of their existence. One such group is the North Olmsted Academic Team.

Soccer Sportsplex and Exit 2 Storage

We caught up with Dale Schmidt, owner of Soccer Sportsplex and Exit 2 Storage on the west end of the city, to learn more about his successful businesses operating in North Olmsted. Here’s what he shared with us.

Westside Flea

We talked with event co-organizer and North Olmsted resident Cathy Van Schoor to learn more about the newest addition to North Olmsted's summer shopping scene. Markets are scheduled for July 21, August 11 and September  15 from 9:00am-3:00pm in North Olmsted Park.

North Olmsted Garden Club

We sat down with Donna Sabo of the North Olmsted Garden Club to learn more about the North Olmsted Garden Club  as they "spring" into warmer weather. Be sure to stop by their table at Earth Fair on April 22nd at the North Olmsted Community Cabin!

The Mayor’s Art Show

Learn more about five North Olmsted High School student artists whose work will be on display during the Mayor's Art Show exhibit from Friday, March 23rd through Friday, April 27th.