Plans and Studies

Master Plan

In 2015 the City of North Olmsted adopted a new Master Plan. Go North Olmsted was an initiative that brought the community together to determine where the city would GO. Public input from three workshops was included in the 2015 Master Plan. The plan will work as a guiding document for policy decisions and new development in North Olmsted. During the process, the community identified five action agenda items:

  1. Strengthening Quality of Place
  2. Advancing Prosperity
  3. Improving Housing Choices
  4. Retrofitting Infrastructure
  5. Enhancing Amenities

2015 Master Plan

Master Plan 2016 Annual Report

Master Plan 2017 Annual Report

Master Plan 2018 Annual Report

Master Plan 2019 Annual Report

Gateways Plan

Residents told us they want North Olmsted to be a more attractive place to live, visit and invest. Investments in the physical realm to our streetscapes, entranceways, neighborhoods and parks can enhance the appearance of the city and foster a greater sense of civic pride. The Gateways Plan proposes exciting new enhancements at city entrance points, along major corridors and at other key locations in the community. Improvements include a combination of signage, landscaping, lighting and public art.

Click here to view the final plan.


Great Northern Multi Modal Transportation Plan

In 2010, the City concluded a 2-year planning process to analyze transportation system issues and propose options and improvements in the City’s mixed use center. The plan includes recommendations and alternatives for encouraging transit usage, creating bicycle linkages, promoting pedestrian orientation and enhancing the streetscape through physical improvements.

The project is positively impacting the quality of life for residents in the City by connecting residents to resources such as employment, public transit, shopping, and parks and recreation. Not only is the project study area the most densely developed area of the City, but it also serves as one of the largest commercial centers in Cuyahoga County and in the region. Therefore, the project’s recommendations are improving the economic viability of business in the community by improving access to business, encouraging new development, and creating a strong visual impact and gateway to the community.

A majority of this project was grant funded through the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency’s (NOACA) Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative. To read the Great Northern Multi Modal Transportation Plan, click here.




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