Capital Improvements

Annual Streets Program

The Division of Engineering conducts an annual street rating where the city’s streets are evaluated by a professional engineer for their current pavement, curb and sidewalk conditions. This information is used as an input, along with the observations of the city’s Service Department, to identify those streets which will be included in the following year’s streets program. Click on the link below for an exhibit that shows a chronology of roadway improvements in North Olmsted since 2007.

Street Rehabilitation Map

Drainage System Improvements

In November 2016, Mayor Kevin Kennedy’s administration released an overview of projects and initiatives the city has undertaken to improve North Olmsted’s drainage system. The exhibit documents a wide range of both storm water and sanitary system projects that, in combination, have reduced instances of flooding in the city after major storm events.

Completed projects include upgrades to the Waste Water Treatment Plant, pump station improvements, underground storage, sanitary relief sewers, bioretention, culvert replacements and new storm sewer interconnects. Improved storm water management policies, enforcement and public education are key strategies in working with private property owners. Even small individual property improvements benefit the overall system. A policy adopted in 2011 resulted in North Olmsted residents pulling an estimated 100 permits to install backwater valves at their homes. Ongoing ditch inspection, routine maintenance and monitoring is also part of the effort.

Other capital improvements have been programmed for the near future. Contracts have been awarded for both Bradley pump station improvements and drainage improvements at Pine School. The Pine project will add one million gallons of storm water storage which will benefit the surrounding residential neighborhoods. The project is expected to start in December 2016. City officials continue to explore options for improving storm water management and sewer infrastructure across the city.

Press Release

Drainage Projects Map