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Historic Preservation Plan

The purpose of this Historic Preservation Plan is to encourage a sense of history and culture in the community while identifying programs and policies that will contribute to the preservation of historical resources. Elements of this plan include a description of ongoing preservation efforts and a statement of goals and action steps which should be taken to protect the City’s historic resources.

2018 Historic Preservation Plan

2009 Historic Preservation Plan

Butternut Ridge Historic District Survey

The City of North Olmsted sought an efficient review of the existing surveys of historic structures within the Butternut Historic District. Partially funded through the Certified Local Government grants program, support was garnered from the Ohio Historic Preservation Office (OHPO). The survey report was directed by the Secretary’s Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation. Motivation for this project came from the adoption of the City’s first Historic Preservation Plan in 2009. The document was the culmination of a strategic planning process undertaken to define the community’s historic resources and create the framework for the preservation of these resources. The Historic Preservation Plan addressed the fundamental questions associated with any planning process. What historic resources are in the City’s inventory? What are the City’s expectations with regard to these structures? How will the City move forward? Read more below.

Butternut Historic District Survey