Pantry Policies & Procedures

1. RESIDENCY (Defined; see ‘Frequency of Service for service parameters)

Permanent Resident: Applicants must be a property owner or lessee/renter of the City of North Olmsted with a twelve month lease agreement or living with a partner or family member who owns a North Olmsted property or is a lessee/renter. (Note: Application will be made in the name of the person who owns or is the lessee/renter of the property or address)

Non-resident: Referred by St. Richard Church and verified as an active member by their staff or referred by another church, school or institution within the City of North Olmsted. Non-residents qualify for one time assistance and will be given referral information to obtain assistance in their community of residence. Applicants will be reviewed on a case by case basis for further assistance.

Transient or temporary resident: Applicant who is staying at a local hotel, lodge or motel. Must provide a rent receipt and be on a register. Other applicants will be reviewed for service on a case by case basis.

Proof of Residency: All applicants must produce an original gas, water or electric utility bill and/or rental agreement within thirty days of their application. Our staff may request additional information as needed to verify permanent residency.


Income is determined by all sources of income including, but not limited to: employment, alimony, social security, pension, unemployment and any form of public assistance.

Qualified applicants must meet income guidelines supplied by USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) and represent 200% of poverty levels based upon household size.

Income verification must be presented upon application or renewal for all adults living in the household.

Note: Only one applicant per household. Household residents are considered for household size if they reside in the residence full time. Children must be registered and attending school using a North Olmsted address to be considered a full time resident. School attendance is subject to verification.

Proof of Income: All applicants must produce three recent (within 30 days) paystubs from each employer, letter of award for Social Security, SSI or any other form of public assistance, unemployment award letter and/or application at time of application or renewal. A most recent income tax return may be requested by staff.


Applicants must show a valid State ID or Driver’s License with their current address. A discrepancy in address will only be accepted on a temporary basis and must be updated on next visit for service.


Permanent residents may receive up to twelve times per year, but not more frequent than every 30 days. This includes a holiday distribution. Temporary/transient residents may receive assistance three times in a calendar year.


Qualified applicants will receive boxed, canned and frozen food from categories representing a balanced diet and household/toiletry items. All goods are dependent upon availability at the time of service. Food is distributed in quantity based upon household size.

No cash will ever be distributed.

No exchange of food items is permitted either on site or after food has left the building; we suggest a ‘pay it forward’ policy on items which you may not want or need. Pass it on to someone else who can use it.

Applications must be renewed on an annual basis.

Pick up Procedures:

  • Please park your vehicle behind the Oxcart Pantry in the designated parking lot.
  • Enter the Pantry through the rear left door.
  • Upon entering, please take a clipboard with today’s menu and circle the choices you would like. You may take a seat and wait for your appointment.
  • A volunteer will escort you to the check-in desk.
  • All qualified applicants must sign off on pantry forms or electronically on each occasion they pick up food.
  • Assistance will be available to carry packages to your vehicle but please help when possible.
  • Clients are not permitted in the main area of the pantry or the ‘cold room’ where freezers and refrigerators are located for safety reasons.

***Please take care exiting and entering driveway as traffic is two-way. ***

Clients who appear intoxicated or threatening in any manner may be denied service and authorities may be alerted. We expect behavior toward staff, volunteers and other clients to be pleasant and cooperative.

No individual or family will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, orientation or disability.

Policies subject to change by Division of Youth & Family Services Administration.

Rev. 03-19

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