Ice Rink Renovation

The ice rink at the North Olmsted Recreation Center is getting an overhaul in 2020. Our patrons will be excited with the upcoming changes! While the configuration of the ice will remain unchanged (main rink and studio rink), many improvements are in store, which will improve the experience for our skaters and spectators alike.

Key elements of the project include the following:

  • Replacement of the sand floor system, as well as the dasher boards at both rinks including the glass, doors and player boxes;
  • Removal of existing bag insulation and installation of a new metal building insulation system and ceiling;
  • Installation of a new fixed storefront glass wall system to separate the rink area from the warming area;
  • Renovation of the warming area including replacement of the flooring system in the warming area and adjacent restrooms and team rooms along with complete repainting of the ice arena;
  • Reconfiguration of the concession area with a new folding partition to allow separation into smaller spaces;
  • Reconditioning of the existing dehumidification unit and installation of new HVAC units and ductwork; and
  • Addressing the problematic issues on the roof by removing parapet fascia, making necessary repairs to remaining support structures and installing new flashing.

The total project cost is approximately $2.2 million. The city borrowed these funds for repayment using our existing financial resources. No new taxes will be assessed to cover the cost of this investment in our rink.

We are working hard to update and upgrade our recreation facilities to preserve the ice skating legacy in North Olmsted. We look forward to unveiling our new and improved ice rink to the community this fall.

Open Skate Admission

Open skate is available for anyone looking to spend some recreational time on the ice and is available to all skaters of any age or ability. No skates of your own? No problem! Rent our Reidell hockey and figure skates. Skates come in full sizes only.

November Open Skate Schedule

Daily Admission Fees (Included in a Monthly or Annual Recreation Center Membership )

Child (3-11 years old) $4
Student (12-17 years old) $4
Adult (18 – 54 years old) $5
Senior (55 years and older) $2.50
Additional family members $4
Friday Night DJ Skate* $10
Skate Rental $2.50
Bobby® the Seal* $5

*Friday Night DJ Skate and Bobby® the Seal rentals are not included in monthly or annual Recreation Center membership.

Learn to Skate Classes

Registration Information

Fall II registration begins October 19, 2020

Fall II programs begin the week of November 8, 2020

No classes will be held on November 22, 2020 – November 28, 2020

The City of North Olmsted is proud to introduce the new Learn to Skate USA skating program for beginner, intermediate and advanced basic ice skaters of all ages. Learn to Skate USA is the official beginning skating program for US Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speed Skating. This program is especially unique to the Greater Cleveland area because not only do we offer innovative instruction that is both informative and motivational, we also include many extras.  This includes free use of rental skates, extended les­son time, achievement patches to mark a student’s progress and a report card for students to use to monitor their individual progress.  Learn more about our upcoming program dates and times.

Learn to Skate Class Descriptions

Expand All

A program designed for ages 2 1/2 to 4 years. This is a great family program where skaters and parents learn together the basics of skating. Skaters advance from Parent & Tot to the Snowplow Sam.

A program designed for ages 3 to 6 years. This tot beginner program is designed to make the skaters more comfortable and in control when they are on the ice. The Snowplow program is built on 4 levels. Snowplow Sam 1 introduces skills such as marching across the ice (both forward and backward), gliding, and the proper falling and standing techniques. Snowplow Sam 2 introduces skills such as swizzles, dips, and stronger forward and backward skating. Snowplow Sam 3 introduces skills such as backward swizzles, snowplow stops, one-foot gliding. Sam 4 continues to perfect forward skating skills, and introduces two foot turns.

A program designed for the beginner skater ages 6 years and over. Students learn proper falling and standing skills, forward and backward skating, two-foot glides, hopping, and beginning stops. Children learn to be comfortable on skates and really enjoy the ice. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This class introduces one-foot glides, backward glides, backward swizzles, one-foot pumps, two-foot turns from forward to backward and a moving snowplow stop. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This class refines the correct use of the skate blade and includes forward slaloms, backward one-foot glides, introduction to cross-overs and two-foot spins. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This begins that advanced levels of basic skating. Skaters learn how to use both the inside and outside edges of the blade, forward cross-over both clockwise and counter-clockwise, 3-turns, proper backwards stroking and a backward snowplow stop. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This class begins backward cross-overs in both directions, the hockey stop, backward outside and inside edges on a circle and a one-foot spin with up to 3 revolutions. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This class includes advanced turns, T-stops, bunny hops, spirals and lunges. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

A combination of the skills of Basic 7 and Basic 8. This class will get the skater ready to move into higher level freestyle skills. Step sequences, one fit spins, waltz jumps, half flip and toe loop are covered.

For those skaters who want to progress to the advanced levels of figure skating. All of the basic jumps, spins and footwork to become a competitive figure skater are covered while working on the Freestyle 2-6 badges.

A program designed for the beginning adult who has never skated, or has yet to achieve a smooth stroke and gliding motion. Skills to be introduced are falling and recovery, forward strides and glides, backward skating, two-foot glides, and forward chasses. Beginning and Advanced classes available – each class is customized to work on the skills you would like to improve on.

Figure Skating Ice

This time on the ice is meant for figure skating only and is offered year round.  Private lessons can be taught at this time. For Figure Skating Ice availability, please download the schedule below or call the Recreation Center at 440-734-8200.

November Figure Skating Ice Schedule

Figure Skating Ice Fees

1 Visit $12
5 Visit Pass $50
10 Visit Pass $85
15 Visit Pass $110
20 Visit Pass $125
25 Visit Pass $130
50 Visit Pass $250


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