Covid-19 Guideline for Ice Rink

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  • Travel light and come ready to skate, as fully dressed as possible.
  • Please arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled session.
  • One attendee per participant is allowed in the facility during practice sessions.
  • Two attendee(s) per participant are allowed in the facility during scrimmages/games.*

*Varsity hockey scrimmages/games will adhere to a one attendee per participant policy.

  • The entrance to the building will remain the same.
  • A temperature check/name documentation is required for all people coming into the facility.
  • No congregating in the warming area before or after your session.
  • Avoid group interactions and maintain physical distancing when off the ice.
  • When exiting the building, all participants, coaches and spectators will exit out of East doors, near Locker Room #5.
  • Locker rooms will not be guaranteed for studio ice rentals. If available, they will be assigned.
  • Showers will be closed.
  • Locker room assignments are to be followed accordingly to ensure proper cleaning.
  • During peak times, teams will be permitted to use the locker rooms 30 minutes prior to their scheduled session. Before their scheduled session begins, each team will pack up their belongings and place them in a designated bag drop area during their practice(s) and game(s). They will not be permitted to return to the locker room, to ensure proper cleaning.
  • All patrons must follow all posted guidelines and markings.
  • Masks are required of all patrons entering the facility but are not required during physical activities.
  • Carry out social distancing requirements by keeping a minimum of 6 feet (2m) per person.
  • Practice good personal hygiene by washing your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • If you are feeling sick or have a temperature, stay home.

Ice Skating

Spring Ice Skating Schedule (March – May 2021)

Open Skate
Open skate is available for anyone looking to spend some recreational time on the ice. Open to skaters of all ages and abilities. Free to members.

See our monthly skate schedule for dates and times. Space is limited to 60 skaters per session.

Open Skate Admission
Child (3-11 yrs. old) $4.00*
Student (12-17 yrs. old) $4.00
Adult (18-54 yrs. old) $5.00
Senior (55 yrs. and older) $2.50
Skate Rental $2.50 per person
*Child under the age of 3 are free.

Spring Skate – Registration begins March 1, 2021
These special skates are available on specific days throughout the spring. Tickets are required to attend these skates through our online registration only. All skaters must have a ticket. Tickets are $10 per person (includes skate rental). See our monthly skate schedule for dates and times.

Daily admission rates do not apply to these skates. Space is limited to 60 skaters per session. Not included in membership.

Purchase Tickets

Members-Only Skate
Looking for a less crowded time to come to skate? Have a membership to the rec? Join us for our members-only skate. As a member, these skates are free. No registration is necessary. See our monthly skate schedule for dates and times.

All patrons attending the members-only skate must have a valid membership to enter. Space is limited to 60 skaters per session.

Learn to Skate Classes

Summer registration begins April 26, 2021

Summer programs will run from July 7 – August 11, 2021

Learn to Skate USA is the official beginning skating program for US Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speed Skating.This program is especially unique to the Greater Cleveland area because not only do we offer innovative instruction that is both informative and motivational, we also include many extras.  This includes free use of rental skates, extended les­son time, achievement patches to mark a student’s progress and a report card for students to use to monitor their individual progress.

Download Summer Program Information
Register Online

Learn to Skate Class Descriptions

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A program designed for ages 2 1/2 to 4 years. This is a great family program where skaters and parents learn together the basics of skating. Skaters advance from Parent & Tot to the Snowplow Sam.

A program designed for ages 3 to 6 years. This tot beginner program is designed to make the skaters more comfortable and in control when they are on the ice. The Snowplow program is built on 4 levels. Snowplow Sam 1 introduces skills such as marching across the ice (both forward and backward), gliding, and the proper falling and standing techniques. Snowplow Sam 2 introduces skills such as swizzles, dips, and stronger forward and backward skating. Snowplow Sam 3 introduces skills such as backward swizzles, snowplow stops, one-foot gliding. Sam 4 continues to perfect forward skating skills, and introduces two foot turns.

A program designed for the beginner skater ages 6 years and over. Students learn proper falling and standing skills, forward and backward skating, two-foot glides, hopping, and beginning stops. Children learn to be comfortable on skates and really enjoy the ice. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This class introduces one-foot glides, backward glides, backward swizzles, one-foot pumps, two-foot turns from forward to backward and a moving snowplow stop. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This class refines the correct use of the skate blade and includes forward slaloms, backward one-foot glides, introduction to cross-overs and two-foot spins. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This begins that advanced levels of basic skating. Skaters learn how to use both the inside and outside edges of the blade, forward cross-over both clockwise and counter-clockwise, 3-turns, proper backwards stroking and a backward snowplow stop. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This class begins backward cross-overs in both directions, the hockey stop, backward outside and inside edges on a circle and a one-foot spin with up to 3 revolutions. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

This class includes advanced turns, T-stops, bunny hops, spirals and lunges. Recommended for figure skating and hockey.

A combination of the skills of Basic 7 and Basic 8. This class will get the skater ready to move into higher level freestyle skills. Step sequences, one fit spins, waltz jumps, half flip and toe loop are covered.

For those skaters who want to progress to the advanced levels of figure skating. All of the basic jumps, spins and footwork to become a competitive figure skater are covered while working on the Freestyle 2-6 badges.

A program designed for the beginning adult who has never skated, or has yet to achieve a smooth stroke and gliding motion. Skills to be introduced are falling and recovery, forward strides and glides, backward skating, two-foot glides, and forward chasses. Beginning and Advanced classes available – each class is customized to work on the skills you would like to improve on.

Figure Skating Ice

This time on the ice is meant for figure skating only and is offered year round.  Private lessons can be taught at this time. For Figure Skating Ice availability, please download the schedule below or call the Recreation Center at 440-734-8200.

April Figure Skating Ice Schedule

Figure Skating Ice Fees

1 Visit $12
5 Visit Pass $50
10 Visit Pass $85
15 Visit Pass $110
20 Visit Pass $125
25 Visit Pass $130
50 Visit Pass $250


5200 Dover Center Road
North Olmsted, OH 44070

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