Department of Public Service

The Department of Public Service is responsible for Streets Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Forestry, Storm Sewer, and the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Our mission is to provide the highest quality municipal services to our residents and businesses through planning, fiscal responsibility and leadership. We strive to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the residents and businesses of North Olmsted.

Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance crew is responsible for maintaining safe roadways by filling potholes, cracksealing, paint striping, and repairing street signs and traffic lights in the public right-of-way. Streets are kept free and clear of debris or any hazards that could cause harm to the motoring public. Large street rehabilitation projects performed in the summer months are publicly bid and let to the lowest and best bidder.  The contractor awarded the project is held responsible for maintaining safe and passable construction zones. Please report any problems to the Service Department at 440-716-4151 or submit a request through the Action Request Line.

Winter Snow Plowing and Salt Operations

The Service Department commences snow plowing and road salting operations during the winter months as needed.  This service affects the safety of all residents and motorists.  Following City Ordinances for winter parking allows us to serve you better. Remember: No parking on hydrant side of street. No parking between 2:00am and 6:00am or when the snow depth exceeds two inches. (Codified Ordinance 351.13)

The City road salting policy is as follows:

  • All main routes/streets will be plowed and salted.
  • All school zones will be plowed and salted.
  • All interior streets will be plowed and salted ONLY at intersections, grades, curves, deep roadside ditches and mains leading out of developments.  This policy may change at the discretion of the Foreman.
  • DO NOT approach operational plow trucks on the street. This is extremely dangerous.
  • Complaints or concerns should be made by telephone by calling the Service Department at 440-716-4151 or in case of after hour emergencies 440-777-3535 Police Station.


The Forestry crew is responsible for maintaining all municipal grounds and properties such as grass mowing and trimming, landscaping and tree maintenance. North Olmsted Forestry Department provides the following residential services:

Seasonal Curbside Brush Chipping

The Forestry division provides curbside brush chipping service to residential homes from late Spring to early Fall. It is done weekly by ward.

Wood Chip Delivery 

The Forestry division delivers the leftovers woodchips from the Brush Chipping Service to residential homes for personal use.

Tree Lawn Tree Maintenance

The Forestry division plants, trims and prunes tree lawn trees throughout the City to enhance the look of our neighborhoods. Tree planting takes place in the spring and fall months. Trimming is typically done in the winter months. Many residents take it upon themselves to trim their tree lawn trees to assist the City in our efforts to beautify the streets. Residents in need of assistance should contact the Service Department to schedule tree lawn tree service. Please contact the Service Department at 440-716-4151 or submit a request through the Action Request Line

Storm Sewer

The Storm Sewer crew inspects, flushes, vacuums, films, and repairs the city’s storm sewer systems. The crew maintains and repairs catch basins and retention basins and remove blockages to creeks and streams. If you have problems or questions about the storm sewers, please contact the Service Department at 440-716-4151 or submit a request through the Action Request Line.

Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance crew is comprised of several full-time mechanics who keep the City’s fleet operational. Their duties include preventative maintenance, repairing, reconditioning, painting, fabricating and routine maintenance of all city vehicles and equipment. There are approximately 140 vehicles and 360 pieces of equipment in the city’s fleet. The mechanics prepare new vehicles before putting them into service. Police vehicles are customized along with some of the Fire Department vehicles. This includes modifications, installing equipment, and painting. Service Department trucks are equipped with snow plows and salt spreaders before winter sets in and removed for summer use.