Pool Sewer Credit

We are no longer accepting applications for sewer credits for the 2016 season.

Please be aware the process to apply for a sewer credit for pools has changed as of June 7, 2016.

The new ordinance can be found HERE:

As residents, you also have two other choices on how to fill your pool and not incur sewer charges.

  1. You can use a fire hydrant. The process for this is listed on the Cleveland Division of Water’s website: http://www.clevelandwater.com/construction/permits/temporary-hydrant-permit
  2. You can install a second/deduct meter.
    a. Step 1: Plumber installation of piping
    b. Step 2: Call the Building Dept and an inspector will come inspect the plumbing and give         permission for Cleveland Water to install a deduct meter.
    c. Step 3: You and Cleveland Water work together to get the deduct meter installed.


To apply for sewer credit through the city, CLICK HERE.

Questions may be submitted by email to the Service Department at servicedept@north-olmsted.com