Improvement Projects

Improvement projects in the North Olmsted Wastewater Department are projects small and large that provide a substantial benefit to the Treatment, Collections, Maintenance, or Pretreatment Divisions or the residents of North Olmsted, Fairview Park, or Olmsted Township serviced by the department. Improvements in 2016 include:

A full upgrade and replacement of the Moen Lift Station.

Several improvements to biosolids handling and control of odors, including major repairs to the main influent lines in late 2016.

Previous Improvement Project 2012-2015

Major Improvements included the 3-year project to renovate the North Olmsted WWTP to meet current and future regulations, including biological removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

NEW 2015 Waste Water Treatment Plant Comparison Update


Collection System Improvement Project 2011-2013

The City of North Olmsted completed a series of projects to address overflows caused by Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) intrusion into its sanitary sewers during intense rainfall events. The Collection System Improvements Project eliminated sanitary sewer overflows occurring within the collection system upstream of the LeBern and Dover pump stations. The project included:

  • 6,250 feet of parallel relief sewer construction of new sewer lines ranging in size from 12-inch to 24-inch.
  • Rehabilitation of the 4.5 million gallon per day (mgd) LeBern and 7.9 mgd Dover pumping stations, including pump replacement, metering and the addition of grinders.
  • 650,000-gallon underground equalization tank at Dover Pump Station.
  • Expansion of the 1.5 mgd Clague Park equalization tank influent pumping station to 7.5 mgd.
  • 25 million gallon underground equalization facility at Clague Park.
  • Approximately 900 feet of relief sewer ranging in size from 15-inch to 24-inch along Chapel Hill Drive.