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Community Diversion Program

Provides local intervention and accountability for juvenile offenders, diverting cases from the traditional juvenile court without establishing a public record. Delivers case management services post-hearing. Comprehensive programming lasts maximum of 12 months; offers local intervention for juveniles involved in:

  • Criminal misdemeanors
  • Truancy/Unruly/Curfew and other status offenses
  • Felony under special circumstances

JTIP: Juvenile Traffic Intervention Program

JTIP provides local intervention for first time juvenile traffic offenders in lieu of a traditional court setting. JTIP referrals are equivalent to a warning and are not reported to the BMV and result in no points. Intervention and accountability provides learning to put better drivers back on the road. Tobacco/vaping cases are handled through this programming as well providing both accountability and education. Program lasts 90 days.

Crisis Intervention

  • Provides crisis intervention and stabilization for incidents of family conflict, emotional emergencies, housing Coordinator is on call 24/7 and may be reached by NOPD/NOFD
  • Coordinator also serves on the No. Olmsted City Schools Crisis Team reporting for staff, student or building crisis (i.e. death of student, staff or catastrophe)
  • Trained for emergency response with NOPD/Red Cross for shelter services, supply chain and mental health response in case or local/regional emergency.

Collaborations with NOCS

  • Absence Intervention Team: Collaborates on Absence Intervention Meetings (AIM), team based services to provide intervention for students hitting state markers for truancy developing and implementing intervention plans to try to avoid legal referrals. Compliance with HB410. 60 day plans.
  • Insight Group: Alcohol and drug education/early intervention for students; meets weekly for 8-10 weeks
  • Alateen Programs: Support group for juveniles with a family member with drug or alcohol abuse issues using a 12 step model. Meets ongoing.

Community Gardens

Provides a community gardening activity for local residents on the grounds of the Oxcart Pantry. Hosting 18 raised bed gardens and 3 handicapped accessible off the ground units. Gardeners provide own seeds/plants and can use their harvest to supplement personal food resources and/or donate to the pantry. Pantry plants and manages 2 plots and cares for apple trees.

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2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

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