Youth & Family Services

Program History

The Division of Youth & Family Services was officially reorganized in 2010 reuniting services for families with youth services under one unified division in the City’s Department of Human Resources. Historically names have changed and service enhancements have taken place as the City’s human services needs and trends have evolved. Initially, the “Youth Development Program” was founded in 1978 designed to assist youth and their families who were facing legal issues as an alternative to the traditional court system. It was the first diversion program established in Cuyahoga County and has been used as a model program in other areas of the state and country. Twenty years later, the diversion program was revamped with the support of the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court under the current model. Programs were expanded over the years to include parent education, prevention and early intervention programs for youth and their families. In 2008 the program celebrated its 30th anniversary of the provision of diversion and support services to the youth of North Olmsted and their families. The Division of Youth & Family Services continues to develop and enhance services meeting the social needs of the community.


Youth and families are referred to DYFS by schools, family members, police, clergy, other agencies, or community members. Referrals are made to other agencies or services when necessary or appropriate. Initial appointments or contacts should be made during regular office hours Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Consultation services are free of charge for residents of the City of North Olmsted. Some fees may apply to group programs and fees do apply for the Community Diversion Program. The Division of Youth & Family Services provides community-based social services for the residents of the City of North Olmsted and is dedicated to helping people help themselves.