Garbage and Recycling Collection

Republic Services Customer Service, Lisa Black (440) 774-7637

Bulk Waste Collection


Republic Services is now offering weekly bulk refuse pick-up to all North Olmsted residents at no additional cost to them.

  • Bulk waste is considered items that cannot fit into your trash container
  • Up to six items per household, including plastic bags, per week
  • Examples: home furnishings, mattresses (wrapped in plastic and sealed with tape), box springs, TVs and appliances
  • Carpet, boxes and wood of any kind must be four feet or less, bundled and tied and weigh less than 35 pounds
  • Appliances: doors and Freon® must be removed
  • Toilets: separate tank from bowl
  • Tables, swing sets (disassembled)
  • Household furniture (wrapped cushions)

Others Ways to Dispose of Bulk:

Republic Services offers dumpster and container rentals for the collection and disposal of large quantities of bulk items.  Please contact Republic directly at 440-458-5191.

Residents needing to dispose of items before or after the bulk pickup day may take the items to the Lorain County Landfill located at 43502 Oberlin-Elyria Rd., Oberlin. The landfill is open M-F 7:00 – 4:30.  All open bed vehicles must be covered with a tarp. Republic Services (440) 774-7637. You may also bring items to the Strongsville Transfer station located at 16099 Foltz Pkwy., Strongsville, call for hours (440) 572-7590. Residents responsible for any costs associated with drop off at these locations, starting at $95.00.

To ensure your garbage and recycling materials are collected:

  • Place your containers at the curb after 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday night or before 7:00 a.m. on Thursday morning (see delayed schedule below)
  • Do not jam or over stuff carts
  • Lids must close to ensure pick up
  • One garbage and one recycling container per household

Place food waste and other trash in the provided 95-gallon blue wheeled cart.

  • FOOD WASTE: Items should be drained, wrapped and placed in a plastic bag before placing in garbage cart.
  • SHARP ITEMS: Items (broken glass, syringes, etc.) must be placed in a puncture proof container prior to placing in garbage cart.
  • NOT PERMITTED: Large car parts, tires, batteries, etc. See our Household Hazardous Waste Collection Information.

Combine cans, cartons, glass, paper and boxes plus plastic bottles and jugs LOOSE (not bagged) in the provided 65-gallon green wheeled cart.


Combine ONLY these items in your curbside recycling:

  • CANS: Includes all metal food and beverage cans such as pop, beer, soup, vegetable and tuna. Cans should be emptied, rinsed and then recycled.
  • CARTONS: Includes milk, juice, soup and broth plus wine cartons. Cartons should be emptied and rinsed. Replace the cap and place in your curbside recycling.
  • GLASS: Includes glass food and beverage bottles and jars. Empty, rinse and replace the lid before recycling. You do not need to remove the label.
  • PAPER & BOXES: All paper and boxes can be recycled, including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, boxes, greeting cards, cereal boxes, cardboard, phone books and clean pizza boxes. Flatten cardboard items, like cereal boxes, to save space.
  • PLASTIC BOTTLES/JUGS/TUBS: Any plastic bottle, jar, jug or tub can be placed in your curbside recycling. Recycle plastic food and beverage bottles, cosmetics and personal products, and laundry detergent and bleach bottles. Containers should be emptied and rinsed. Replace the cap and put in your curbside recycling. The number system on the bottom of your plastics is no longer used to determine what is/is not recyclable.

For more details about recycling, visit the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District at

Find answers to your recycling, disposal and reuse questions by using the “What Do I Do With?” search bar located at the top of every page of at They also offer Recycling FAQs and information on how to recycle properly. Recycle more, recycle better in North Olmsted.

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Delayed Pick Up Schedule 2024

Collections will be delayed by ONE day during the following weeks due to holiday:

  • Memorial Day            May 30 to May 31
  • Independence Day    July 4 to July 5
  • Labor Day                   September 5 to September 6
  • Thanksgiving Day     November 28 to November 29
  • Christmas Day           December 26 to December 27
  • New Year’s Day         January 2 to January 3, 2025

Republic Services Yard Waste Collection Program

The Yard Waste Collection Program is a service provided by Republic Services. If you have garbage or recycle collection, bulk pickup and/or yard waste collection questions please call Republic Waste Services at (440) 774-7637.

  • Collected on a weekly basis throughout the year
  • Grass clippings can be placed in clear plastic bags, brown yard waste bags or loose in a trash container, not to exceed 32 gallons and clearly marked as “YARD WASTE”
  • Yard Waste bags are not required
  • Small branches must be bundled and tied in no more than 4′ lengths and weigh no more than 35 pounds.